About Us

About Toms River Mitsubishi

Shopping for a new vehicle can be one of the most rewarding situations a person can experience. Think about it, you’re leaving your home in Toms River, Brick, Ocean Gate, or Beachwood in a vehicle that holds some terrific family memories. In the end, you’ll return to that same home in a brand new vehicle and the slate is wiped clean.

At Toms River Mitsubishi, we want to be part of the memory-making process. With an approachable and knowledgeable sales staff, highly skilled service personnel, and a friendly finance staff, our Mitsubishi dealership understands that you’re making family history with us. We are here to make this experience everything it should be.

The Big Difference

We operate with the belief that the cars we offer are of the highest quality, so we know that we can help our drivers find the car that perfectly fits their needs. At our Mitsubishi dealer in Toms River, we also want to be there for our customers when questions arise or if they want to walk through the key features of the car before they decide.

We know that you’re here to purchase a vehicle; a vehicle that is going to be a huge part of your life. It’s going to be the car that moves your daughter off to college, drops your son off for his first day of high school, or even the car that you spend all night figuring out how to fit a brand new carseat in. We get how exciting this time is, and we want our customers to know that we’re here for them.

Professional Team

From the moment you walk through the doors of our showroom and are approached by a member of our team, we want you to feel comfortable. Here, we pride ourselves on being highly professional, but also extremely approachable, knowledgeable, and relatable.

You’ll meet our sales team; these are the ones who are there to answer any questions about the cars at which you’re looking and help you on your way to buying your new car. Then, you’ll meet our finance team, who will work tirelessly to secure you the best possible deal they can. Finally, after your purchase, we encourage you to meet our service professionals who are on hand to help you maintain the integrity of your new vehicle.

Convenience For Our Customers

In this day and age, our customers are busy. For that reason, we’ve created a fully functional website that makes it easy to handle some things at your own convenience. Our customers can browse our entire inventory, while still having an internet salesperson there, in case they have immediate questions. Use our inventory search to pick the exact car you want or just use it to narrow down your choices.

Our customers can also use our website to apply for financing ahead of time and have the process started before they even show up at our Mitsubishi dealership. They can also schedule service, order parts, and schedule a test drive, all from the comfort of their own home.

It’s Nice To Meet You

Whether you start your conversation with us from your office in Toms River, over the phone from your home in Beachwood or Ocean Gate, or even sitting in traffic in Brick, we are excited to meet you. It is just as exciting for us, as it is for you, to see our customers select the car that will become a part of their lives. Come down and see us at Toms River Mitsubishi where we’re happy to meet you.