Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Maintenance Schedule

A reliable SUV like the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is designed to give you a dependable drive for a long time. The best way to make sure it stays in good shape is by getting routine maintenance. So, when will your SUV need maintenance?

Toms River Mitsubishi reviews the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport maintenance schedule to help drivers in Toms River, Brick, and Freehold know when to schedule an appointment.

Every 7,500 Miles

For this first trip back to our service center, your SUV will get an oil change and have its oil filter replaced. A team of technicians will also rotate your tires, so they’ll wear evenly.

These are some of the most basic maintenance jobs and will be repeated every time you bring your SUV back in. Think of it like a routine checkup with the doctor.

Every 15,000 Miles

During your second maintenance visit, you’ll get the same work done on your Mitsubishi Outlander Sport as before, but a technician will inspect a few more parts. For one, they’ll look at your drive shaft boots and search for any grease leaks or damage.

Your brake system is a big one that they’ll look over thoroughly. The brake lines will be inspected for any leaks, while a technician will examine each brake pad to see how worn down they are.

On top of your engine oil filter, you’ll also be getting a new air filter during this trip to the service center.

Every 30,000 Miles

The 30,000-mile appointment is a big one. Lots more parts and systems will get inspected and replaced this time around.

First, service technicians will keep up with the work they’ve done so far by giving you another oil change, tire rotation, and inspecting your brake pads. Repeating these processes is the best way to make sure your Mitsubishi Outlander Sport remains in peak condition.

After that, a technician will look under your vehicle and examine the suspension. Specifically, they’ll look for any signs of wear and tear or loose parts.

On top of looking over the drive shaft boots, they’ll inspect the fuel hoses, coolant hoses, and the intake and exhaust system.

You’ll also get yet another filter replaced during this appointment. This time it’ll be your air cleaner filter.

Every 60,000 Miles

The 60,000-mile appointment is geared towards getting prepared to reach for 100,000. Your Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is already more than half way to seeing six digits on your odometer, so our technicians will make sure you’re in good shape and help you get there.

All the same inspections and procedures from your 30,000-mile maintenance visit will be performed again, plus you’ll get a new supply of coolant.

Some of the other parts they’ll examine include your drive belts and your transmission. Both the status of your transmission and your transmission fluid will be reviewed.

Every 105,000 Miles

After you’ve cleared the century mark and kept going, we’ll focus on helping you put another 100,000+ miles on your SUV. Once again, you’ll get a routine oil change and tire rotation. With this monumental maintenance appointment, you’ll also get a new set of spark plugs and a new timing belt.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Schedule Service

At Toms River Mitsubishi, we have a team of highly trained technicians in our service center who can help drivers in Toms River, Brick, and Freehold put a lot of miles on your SUV. For more information on the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport maintenance schedule, contact our service center or schedule an appointment online.

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