Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dashboard Lights

Understanding some of the basic dashboard lights on your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is important to ensuring you stay safe on the road and avoid costly repairs due to neglect. At Toms River Mitsubishi, our team is committed to helping drivers throughout Toms River, Brick, and Freehold by providing useful information on their vehicle’s basic functions and tools.

In addition to checking your owner’s manual, you can also read on to learn more about some common dash warning lights and what steps to take should they ever appear.

The Basics

When you first turn over the key, you might notice a number of symbols on the dashboard of your Eclipse Cross that immediately flash and then disappear. This is a normal function and is no need for alarm. However, if any continue to flash or remain lit after a few seconds, you should note what your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is trying to communicate before heading out on the road.

Mitsubishi models use a color-coded system to let you know the seriousness of the potential action or issue:

Green/Blue Lights – These colors denote when a normal function or vehicle feature is in use like a turn signal or cruise control.

Yellow/Orange Lights – These dashboard lights appear when a serious but non-emergency issue has been detected. While you may not be in immediate danger, you should never ignore a yellow/orange indicator light in order to avoid causing more damage.

Red Lights – These dashboard lights appear when a serious malfunction or issue has been detected and needs immediate attention. You should avoid driving while lit and visit our service center for assistance.

Red Warning Lights

malfunction indicator light

OBD Malfunction – More commonly referred to as the check engine light, this looks like the profile of an engine and notifies you when an issue within your vehicle’s emission system has been detected. Immediately schedule a service appointment to have your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross inspected.

low engine oil

Engine Oil Pressure – This dashboard light looks like a dripping oil can and notifies you when your oil has dipped below a safe level. Immediately pull over and check your vehicle’s oil level and take note of its color and consistency. If it’s a heavy, dark sludge, it means you’re overdue for an oil change.

charge warning light

Battery/Charging System – This dashboard light looks like a red battery and notifies you when a malfunction with either the battery, electrical wiring, or alternator is detected. Immediately drive to the closest service center and avoid shutting off your vehicle until you’ve arrived.

engine overheating

Engine Temperature – The light looks like a thermometer hovering above two wavy lines and notifies when there’s an issue with the vehicle’s cooling system. Pull over and shut off the vehicle allowing time to cool down. If the light reappears, immediately schedule a service appointment.

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